Shipping companies we use

Larger or expensive items

For items that require insurance (such as watches) we ship through DHL to all countries. You will need to sign for these items.

We will give DHL your email address and phone number, they will contact you with details of delivery dates or if they have any problems finding you.

Smaller items, such as straps

For small, cheaper items (such as straps) we ship via Royal Mail standard postage. You will not need to sign for these items.

When will my item arrive?

We ship orders on the next working day.

Where an item is shipping via DHL we will use the quickest option available to us. This is usually 1 or 2 days depending on where in the world you live, but can sometimes be a little longer.

Items shipped via Royal Mail will arrive via the regular postal system in your country, and could take a week. If you would like to upgrade to DHL shipping, email [email protected] before placing your order.

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Where we ship from

When will my order ship