I'm a blogger, can I review your watches?

Do you send free watches to reviewers?

If you're a reviewer, blogger or journalist with a good existing audience, we will certainly consider sending over a watch to review. Just drop an email to [email protected] with your request. Please first check out our position on paid reviews below.

If we decide to send you a watch, we will cover shipping in both directions. Please make sure you keep any receipts for import duties so that we can refund you in full.

I'm just starting out. Can I review your watches?

Maybe. If you've got a new blog or YouTube channel but can show that you're producing high quality, well thought out reviews then we'll consider sending you a review model to check out. Drop an email to [email protected] with details.

Note though that we're not going to send one to you if you're just running a small Instagram account or something. If you're not already big then we'll be looking at the quality of either written or video reviews that you produce. You'll need to be doing something really impressive.

I require payment or a free watch to review your products

Then Hamtun isn't the right place for you.

We do not pay for reviews, either through free products or with money. We will cover shipping and any import costs, but that is all. If you want to review our products, it's important that you understand and accept this position.

Are there any exceptions to the policy of not paying for reviews?


What will you pay for?

We will pay for services that we require, as any business does. For example if you're a great photographer, we might agree to pay in either cash or products in exchange for high quality photos that we can use to promote our business.

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I'm an influencer, can I have free stuff?