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Please visit our new page cookie-specific page below:

This page allows you to see if/when you have accepted non-essential cookies, remove permission if you like, and request copies of the data we hold. It’s an excellent resource for those uncomfortable about the amount of data websites tend to collect these days.

The cookies we set

Here is a list of the cookies that we currently set on purpose. They are broken down in to category, and by the system setting it.

Shopify is the platform that runs our store

Facebook is the Facebook Pixel service for helping us run ads

Google Analytics is a service that allows us to see how our website is being used

Drip is an email marketing service we used

Privy is a tool that allows us to collect email addresses. It doesn’t do anything magical, it just asks if you’d like to give us your email address for future promotions/emails.

Strictly essential cookies (always set)

Cart (Shopify)

Secret (Shopify)

Secure_customer_sig (Shopify)

_ab (Shopify)

_pay_session (Shopify)

_secure_session_id (Shopify)

_shopify_country (Shopify)

_shopify_m (Shopify)

_shopify_tm (Shopify)

_shopify_tw (Shopify)

_storefront_u (Shopify)

_tracking_consent (Shopify)

cart (Shopify)

cart_ts (Shopify)

cart_ver (Shopify)

checkout (Shopify)

checkout_token (Shopify)

cookietest (Shopify)

master_device_id (Shopify)

previous_checkout_token (Shopify)

previous_step (Shopify)

remember_me (Shopify)

storefront_digest (Shopify)

tracked_start_checkout (Shopify)

Functionality cookies (set when you opt in)

_drip_client_6772105 (Drip)

_privy_0BD969B7BB81AED74F229438 (Privy)

Performance cookies (set when you opt in)

_ga (Google Analytics)

_gat (Google Analytics)

_gid (Google Analytics)

_landing_page (Shopify)

_orig_referrer (Shopify)

_shopify_fs (Shopify)

_shopify_s (Shopify)

_shopify_sa_p (Shopify)

_shopify_sa_t (Shopify)

_shopify_y (Shopify)

Targetting cookies (set when you opt in)

_fbp (Facebook)

_s (Shopify)

_shopify_d (Shopify)

_y (Shopify)

How we use cookies in reality

The page linked to above explains how we use cookies in a techincal way, but here are a few plain English statements on our use of data. This is in addition to the essential cookies that we set just to ensure that the website funcitons correctly.

  1. We don’t aim to gather data that we don’t need to build, promote and sell our watches across our various brands. We have no interst in what you do when you’re not buying from us, and we aren’t remotely clever enough with analytics to do anytihng more than the basics. Data, when rarely looked at locally by our team, is used in an anonymised way.
  2. We make minimal use of analytics. We’re a very small company, more focussed on building and shipping watches. Data on individual users isn’t helpful to us, other than it gives us the option to automatically send deals and discounts to customers based on how loyal they’ve been/celebrations (such as birthdays) or national celebrtations that we’d like to get involved with.
  3. Our email marketing platforms (currently and have privacy policies of their own, you should read them. If you sign up for our newsletters your data will be shared with them. If you buy from us or sign up for an account at then your data will be shared with them. They handle things like order processed emails, order shipped emails, marketing messages, special offers etc. If you’ve not asked for marketing emails you should only receive account related emails.
  4. Our standard business email is powered by Google Workspace, a premium Google service offering email accounts and office-like documents to businesses.
  5. If you email our support team the data will also be forwarded to our helpdesk software. Currently this is, a stadanrd helpdesk tool for ecommerce. You should view their privacy statements on their website.
  6. We sometimes run ads on Facebook, Instagram, Google, or other online/offline services. If you opt-in we may use data to help target these ads. If you don’t opt it, we will not.
  7. As individuals, and so as a company, we are not intersted in learning more about you beyond the data we need to make sure your experience with Hamtun Group is as good as possible. We aren’t trying to build a huge data store or pivot to an ad-driven business model. You’ll see that we don’t even run ads on our website. We pick industry-standard tools and use them in quite basic ways.

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