Why do we accept pre-orders?

For some models, we launch for pre-orders before we complete manufacturing. This allows us to use the funds from the pre-order to offset the costs of making the watches. As a small business, this allows us to make more models and more faster than would otherwise be possible.

Why should I pre-order?

We know that buying something and then waiting a few months to get it isn't a perfect world. Therefore we offer discounts to anyone buying a watch on pre-order. This discount can be quite significant. The earlier in the pre-order process you order, the bigger the discount is likely to be.

Will all pre-order models later be in stock for immediate order?

Usually, but not always. On rare occasions we sell out of the complete production run during the pre-order period. If this happens we will obviously not be able to sell more later on.

Models that do not completely sell out during pre-order will be available to buy on our website once all pre-orders have been shipped.

Are there any risks if I pre-order?

There are tiny risks with anything (I'm a one man business and I could get knocked over and killed tomorrow!) but to put your mind at ease:

  1. Hamtun has run multiple successful pre-order campaigns
  2. The returns policy applies from when you receive the watch, not when you place the order
  3. You can cancel a pre-order before it ships (as long as you have not asked for any customisations such as engraving) for a full refund
  4. Payments are handled by Shopify, Stripe & PayPal, amongst the biggest and most respected platforms for eCommerce and payment processing.

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